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2017 CrossFit 7oo37 Performance Challenge

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In 2017 CrossFit 7oo37 will have its first Performance Challenge. Any active CrossFitter, CF 7oo37 member or athlete who has completed the On Board program at CF 7oo37 is eligible.  Active CrossFitters who apply must be able to complete the CrossFit Total with good technique.

Entry fee for non members will be $25 members entry fee is waived.  The CrossFit total and weigh-ins  must be completed in house between February 15th and February 18th. 800m run must be completed between February 15th and February 21st.

Non-members can contact us to schedule a time for the lift, weigh-in and 800m run via 2017 CF 7oo37 Performance Challenge

THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE! Weight loss will be a small factor in the overall point system for your score.

Rules for the challenge are as follows:

CF Total- each percent of increase of the total= 1pt

Weight Loss-  every 2 lb loss= 1pt

800m run- each second decrease from base time= 1pt

Athletes with existing CF total in the last 90 days may be used as the baseline.

Athletes with an 800m time in the the last 60 days can be used as a baseline.

1st place will receive a free nutritional package, members who already have this package will receive it’s cash value.

2nd place will receive a month of the mobility  and weightlifting program free.

3rd place will receive a free t-shirt